Ratification of Bylaws at AGM – Oct 28 to 29, 2017

Dear members
Please note that we will be ratifying our bylaws at the AGM of our conference in London Oct 28-29, 2017
To make a motion at our AGM:

8.0 Amendments to the Bylaws

A. Anyone on council may propose an amendment. All proposed amendments must be moved by an Executive member.

B. Changes to the Bylaws will be ratified at the following AGM

C. All proposed amendments will be posted by the Co-Chairs at least 7 days prior to the AGM.

D. Proposed amendments will be voted on by Membership during the Business Meeting at the AGM.

E. In order for an amendment to pass, at least 2/3 of those present at the time of the vote being called by the Chair must be in favour of the motion.

8.1 Amendments to the Articles of Incorporation

A. Must be approved at the AGM. All proposed amendments must be moved and seconded by the membership.

B. Proposed amendments must be received by the Co-Chairs of the Executive at least 40 days prior to the AGM.

C. All proposed amendments will be posted by the Co-Chairs at least 7 days prior to the AGM.

D. Proposed amendments will be voted on by Membership during the Business Meeting at the AGM.

E. In order for an amendment to pass, at least 2/3 of those present at the time of the vote being called by the Chair must be in favour of the motion.


Dear Members,

This is a reminder elections for executive positions of the First Nations, Métis and Inuit Education Association take place at the Annual General Meeting on October 28-29 at the FNMIEAO Educator Conference.  These are VOLUNTEER positions and serve a two year term. The two executive positions that are up for election in 2017 are:

1) Co-chair, First Nations, Métis & Inuit Languages

Along with the Co-Chair of First Nations, Métis & Inuit Studies, the two co-chairs are the official voice of the Subject Association.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Coordinate the activities of the organization and act as liaisons with council members who are doing voluntary tasks

  • Attend Ontario Teachers Federation Curriculum Forum, Ministry meetings and other events related to the work of the organization

  • Coordinate and facilitate professional development (e.g., resource development, Summer Institutes, etc.)

  • Responsible for deciding how funds within the budget categories are spent


2) Treasurer

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Prepare budgets, fiscal bookkeeping and reporting of regular banking statements for the organization one week prior to executive and council meetings

  • Responsible for banking and is a co-signer on the accounts

  • Responsible for preparing the projected budget for the Executive at least 8 weeks before the start of the fiscal year and creating income statements of the year by one month after the end of the fiscal year

  • Liaise with the AGM Coordinator and assist with duties related to the organization of the AGM

  • Liaise with insurance provider and ensure premiums are up to date including event insurance when needed

  • Duties required by incorporation laws


If you are interested in an elected position, please identify yourself to the electoral officer, Robert Powell, by completing the nomination form https://goo.gl/forms/S8Si1LhUnfm3bLjp1

at least fourteen days prior to the AGM (please note, unless requested, no biographical information will be published when a nomination is made during or after the week prior to the AGM).

The FNMIEAO is also looking to appoint the following Council Representatives.

(Members will be appointed at the discretion of the executive. Responsibilities and length of term will be determined at the time of appointment.)

External Communications Coordinator

  • Coordinate and liaise with media relations liaison, newsletter, social media (Facebook, twitter), membership coordinator and webmaster

  • Communicate with executive when unsure if content that is aligned with the goals of the organization

  • Send blog posts and other communications to webmaster

  • Provide updates in the form of a report to council meetings


Media Relations Liaison Position

  • Work with executive to draft official publication to the media


Annual Publication Position

  • Call out for articles

  • Organize submissions

  • Oversee publication & coordinate with newsletter team

Membership Coordinator

  • Respond to memberships and invite to participate in social media

  • Input new members into database (categorize)

  • Recruitment and promotion

  • Liaise with secretary to ensure membership lists are up to date

  • Provide updates on membership to council meetings

  • Liaise with Regional Rep Coordinator(s)


Conference/Elders Gathering Coordinator

  • Co-ordinate the Professional Development component of the AGM as well as organizing other PD events as needed


Regional Reps Coordinator

  • Liaise with Regional Representatives and the Council

  • Coordinate and support the work of the Regional Reps


French board Liaison


Post-secondary Liaison

  • Communicate the interests and concerns of Post Secondary Members


First Nations Organizations Liaison


AGM Coordinator

  • Coordinate and organize the AGM

  • Assist with updating and filing of By-laws


Regional Representatives

Regional representatives will support the sustainability of the organization by:

  • Networking with First Nations, Métis & Inuit Studies and Language teachers in their region

  • Recruiting new members to the organization by liaising with School Boards and First Nations schools

  • Building contacts with the First Nations, Métis & Inuit community in order to assist teachers in involving our community in the education of First Nation, Métis and Inuit children (e.g. Elder list, artists in the schools list, community agency list, etc.)

  • Identifying the professional development needs of the teachers in their area and plan

PD, find funding, etc. on a regional basis

  • Contributing to the decision-making of the council by liaising with the Regional Reps coordinator, or through on-line meetings when necessary as well as at the Annual General Meeting

  • Assisting teachers in promoting culturally appropriate education that addresses the traditional territory in which they work as well as the needs of all First Nations, Métis and Inuit students

  • Serve as ambassadors for their respective geographical areas


Please consider this valuable service for and on behalf of your colleagues.


Please note that members occupying appointed positions identified above are expected to attend council meetings which are held online as well as a summer planning retreat. If you are interested in an appointed position, please identify yourself to the Election Officer, Robert Powell, by completing the nomination form:



Kind Regards,

Robert Powell,

Election Officer,



Anishinaabekwe elder protests eviction from family property

“The Indian Act says ‘for whose use and benefit in common, land, the legal title to which is invested in Her Majesty,’ this means that lands on Indian reserves do not belong to Indians. The lands belong to her majesty, a certificate of possession is not Indian legal title. It is only permission of her majesty for Indians to use and occupy lands on Indian reserves.”

Ms. Pitawanakwat maintains that she was evicted from land gifted to her according to traditional Anishinaabe custom. “Anishinaabe lands are lands that Anishinaabe belong to. We belong to the land, we come from the land and we are part of the land. We are not above it or separate from it.” The traditions of the Anishinaabek are communal, she asserts.

For the complete article….


Photo by Giovanni Capriotti

Coerced sterilizations are more than an attack on mothers; they’re an attack on Indigenous nationhood

A new report details how Indigenous women in Saskatoon were pressured into undergoing tubal ligations

By Andrea Landry, for CBC News Posted: Aug 02, 2017 5:00 AM ET Last Updated: Aug 02, 2017 5:00 AM ET


Reports to supposedly safeguard the wellbeing of Indigenous peoples — and more specifically, the wellbeing of Indigenous women — have been constructed for decades, with little progress.

Ceremony is Spirit. Ceremony is Sacred!!

If you are not Catholic would you just go and be baptised?

If you have not received confirmation, are you going to go up for Communion?

If you are not Jewish, will you have your students partake in Bar and Bat Mitzvahs?

If you are not Muslum, would you practice the Salat or prayer five times a day?

If you are not Buddist, would you chant mantras in public? Would you worship the deities?

Here is a chart of ceremonial practices for almost every religion you can think of.

Spirit is not religion. Ceremony is spirit. To me, if we are bringing in ceremonies of First Nations and thinking we can lead them, we need to bring it in and lead them for all religions. Do you think the Priests would be in an uproar? Why do we think we can take over ceremonies of First Nations Peoples?


Smuding is ceremony!

I say this for you to think and strive for more questions. There are many false or fake people out there seeking monetary gain and they will tell you anything. Please be careful.


 Trapped in a Human Zoo

This documentary retells the story of eight Inuit who came from Labrador in 1880 to Europe lured by promises of adventures and wealth, only to realize they had been trapped in a world that time has today forgotten; the world of human zoos. Thirty-five thousand indigenous people from around the world were recruited for these zoos. Author France Rivet and Inuit Elder Johannes Lampe, uncover the mystery of their disappearance as they discover the remains of five members of the group in Paris.

READ MORE: Human Zoos: A Shocking History of Shame and Exploitation

SCENE FROM THE FILM: Abraham and his family were first exhibited at a museum in Hamburg, Germany — where they even helped to assemble the exhibit themselves.

Watch the full doc here.