Ceremony is Spirit. Ceremony is Sacred!!

If you are not Catholic would you just go and be baptised?

If you have not received confirmation, are you going to go up for Communion?

If you are not Jewish, will you have your students partake in Bar and Bat Mitzvahs?

If you are not Muslum, would you practice the Salat or prayer five times a day?

If you are not Buddist, would you chant mantras in public? Would you worship the deities?

Here is a chart of ceremonial practices for almost every religion you can think of.

Spirit is not religion. Ceremony is spirit. To me, if we are bringing in ceremonies of First Nations and thinking we can lead them, we need to bring it in and lead them for all religions. Do you think the Priests would be in an uproar? Why do we think we can take over ceremonies of First Nations Peoples?


Smuding is ceremony!

I say this for you to think and strive for more questions. There are many false or fake people out there seeking monetary gain and they will tell you anything. Please be careful.


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