Meet the Executive

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Mary Ann Corbiere
Co-Chair Native Languages

Dr. Corbiere’s primary focus since joining the Native Studies department at the University of Sudbury in 1989 has been the development of introductory to advanced Nishnaabemwin courses for distance learning. Her focus has expanded to the Nishnaabemwin dictionary, a multi-year project on which she has been working with Dr. J.R. Valentine of the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Periodic requests from others for Nishnaabemwin translations of various materials prompted her to explore the theory that goes into the practice of translation and interpretation. Also of great interest to her are higher education policies as they bear on Aboriginal self-determination within the academy; this was the subject of her 2007 doctoral dissertation for OISE/UT. At the moment, her primary responsibility is completion of the dictionary whose current phase still entails extensive community workshops as there are thousands of words not yet documented comprehensively in lexicons.

Colinda Clyne
Interim Co-Chair First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Studies

Colinda is excited about her opportunity to serve as the interim co-chair. She states, “It is certainly a great time to be working in Indigenous education in this country  There are going to be so many opportunities for us as an organization in the next while, as colleagues, boards and community members work to move forward together in a good way.”

Here is a little bit about Colinda: She is a mother to 15 year old Max, Anishinaabe kwe with family ties to Kitigan Zibi First Nation, residing in Mississaugas of New Credit territory in Guelph. She has been teaching since 1992, mostly Special Education. She taught NDA3M from the early days. BA English/History, BEd (J/I/S). MA History. Currently, she is the curriculum lead for First Nations, Metis, Inuit education for Upper Grand District School Board. She seeks out traditional teachings whenever she can. If you want to get a good idea about who she is, and where she is most of the time, feel free to check out her twitter feed @clclyne  She usually posts about Indigenous and equity issues, with the occasional political rant and foodie comments, not usually at the same time.  She also manages the @FNMIEAO twitter account, and the facebook one (but not so well with FB).

Colinda looks forward to working with the council. She will do her best to help out the subject association and do her part in helping with Indigenous education in this province.

Jodie Williams – currently on leave
Co-Chair First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Studies

Jodie is a proud wife and mother to five beautiful girls. She is Department Head of Alternative Education and First Nations, Métis & Inuit Studies in the Dufferin Peel Catholic District School Board. She consults on and develops programs that integrate Indigenous Knowledge focused on land-based learning in collaboration with Traditional Practitioners and Elders. She has been taking her students out on the land to learn from Elders for years and has participated in youth exchanges with First Nations communities. Jodie is a fierce advocate for the environment, land-based learning and Indigenous Knowledge, including the revival of Indigenous languages.  Jodie has contributed to provincial curriculum writing projects and facilitates provincial summer institutes as well as professional development for educators.

Virginia Gluska

Virginia has lived and worked in northern Manitoba most of her life, working in education for more than twenty years. Virginia recently completed her MA Ed with a focus on Aboriginal Education. Virginia currently resides in Ottawa with her two sons and is employed at the National Association of Friendship Centres.

Kevin Spence

Kevin also holds the position of Post-Secondary Rep. Kevin lives in Ottawa with his wife, Heather, and two sons, Darwin and Huxley. Kevin teaches at the Adult High School and is completing his Masters in Education at the University of Ottawa.