Summer Institutes 2016

 Summer Institutes Are Here!


The  First Nation, Metis & Inuit Education Association of Ontario (formally NEAO), the Provincial Subject Association for teachers of First Nation, Metis & Inuit Studies and Native Languages will be facilitating summer institutes during the summer of 2016.

Please see the following for information regarding each of our summer institutes.

Revitalizing Our Classrooms with Indigenous Thinking

Facilitators: Colinda Clyne & Jodie Williams

July 11-13, New Credit & Six Nations (Bear’s Inn for accommodations)

Taking place in traditional lodges alongside Elders, this workshop will help educators understand Indigenous Worldviews and Ways of Knowing, the essential first steps in reconciliation. Strategies and resources will be shared on how to effectively embed culturally appropriate education into a variety of subjects areas.

Supporting Nishinabemwin Teaching Proficiency (Nishinabemwin Language Teachers)

Facilitator: Mary Ann Naokwegijig-Corbiere

July 20-22, Sudbury

This summer institute will provide teachers of Nishnaabemwin (Ojibwe) with an understanding of the grammatical framework of this language that will enable them to utilize language resources that exist to teach the language from a communicative perspective.

Decolonizing Our Elementary Classrooms: Focusing on Mathematics and Social Justice Issues (Grades 1-8)

Facilitators: Michelle Brown & Tina DeCastro

July 25-27, Windsor

Explore ways of decolonizing pedagogical practices at the elementary level particularly in the areas of Mathematics and Social Justice. Examine the connection between Indigenous knowledge and Mathematics and learn new ways to engage your students through authentic and meaningful hands-on lessons.

Kakina ni Dodem (“All My Relations”) A workshop on Culturally Responsive Indigenous Education (ECE and JK-12)

Facilitators: Marg Boyle,  Elaine Kicknosway & Carol Windmill

Aug 10-12, Ottawa

The gifts we each carry as humans are something that we learn from childhood. In this workshop, learn from elders, classroom teachers, and the land. This workshop focuses on the teachings of how we build healthy relationships via traditional practises such as: ceremonies, drumming, elder circles, child rearing, gender roles, and clans. The workshop also introduces the impact of intergenerational trauma caused by several factors of colonialization and how we are rejuvenating our families and nations through balance of Kakina ni Dodem. Join us to develop ways to embed Indigenous knowledge into your teaching practice.

For more information: click here

To register: click here



2 thoughts on “Summer Institutes 2016

  1. Hello,
    I am currently trying to register for this in Sudbury, but I work for a federal school and am not part of a union. On the registration page it looks like I have to be affiliated or can not be registered. I am an OCT member in good standing. Is there an alternative way to register (over the phone etc.)?
    Thank you
    Mary Hermsen

    1. Hello Mary,
      I feel your dilemma! I too work at a federally funded school. Unfortunately at this time, these institutes are only available to those teachers with OTF as they are the funding organization. We really need to make connections between federally and provincially funded schools!
      Please do watch for information regarding our fall Elder’s Gathering. This will be open to everyone.

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